About FVP

Fiery Vision Publishing

Independent Publishing Company

Fiery Vision Publishing was started in October 2018 by Samantha (Sam) Clingenpeel to build a safe community for authors to publish on a smaller scale. Sam wanted FVP to have a family-like support system to help guide authors into the publishing world.

FVP has a small dedicated group of authors and would like to expand the community. This is a nonexclusive publishing company, which means, authors are able to continue to self-publish and publish with other companies.

FVP doesn’t have strict deadlines, the characters control the story and the authors should have the ability to follow the outcome. There is an expectation of goals, whether it’s writing, marketing, or participating in in-person events.

FVP offers series, anthologies, and open-end opportunities that would require a stricter due date.

Accepting submissions